One sad day…


I just received an email from my friend… my Earth Angel… Her mom, a very  kind, compassionate and generous lady just joined our Creator. Heaven has  gained another angel. She was a remarkable woman. I’ve only met her a couple of times but I’ve heard stories about her and we’ve exchanged letters/cards with each other a few times through the years. I am grateful that I have met her and for the way she has raised my friend. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

th (3).jpg

One of her granddaughter’s wrote a lovely and touching eulogy for her. She started off with this quote that I used at the very top.

She will be missed. May her beautiful soul rest in peace.







2 thoughts on “One sad day…

  1. May you have all you need during your loss.

    I always wonder how others will remember me when I am gone. And if those I know and care for, know how I think of them.
    And why do so many of us remember people who have passed on in such a positive light, but think of them so differently when they are here.
    Pondering questions of life and death.

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