#14 “Wind Spirit”

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A lovely and moving story by Laurel Wolfe.   It shows the two natures of men and a glimpse of instant karma. She is a gifted woman. What a way to get her creative juices flowing. Channeling her frustrations…  turning the negatives into positive and creating  something beautiful instead. I can’t wait for her to write a book. I have no doubt it’ll be fab!  🙂





My Journey Into The Dark and Twisty World of Short Stories, Murder Mysteries, Stories of Revenge and Days Gone By

She was a sight to behold.  Nobody had ever seen a horse like her.  She was a beauty…completely white with a jet black blaze.  She soon became mythical and her legend put the small town of Bonebluff on the map.

The myth surrounding her was that she was the one horse nobody was ever going to ride…or break.

She was as fast as lightning and had been dubbed “Wind Spirit” by the town.  Catching her would be like trying to catch a fast-moving storm.  Men came from far and wide.  Many of them tried and many of them failed but not everybody gave up so easily.

One day a stranger rode into town.  He was a self-assured cowboy who introduced himself as Jesse.  Word had it, he was from the hills of North Carolina and had made his way out west in search of Wind Spirit.  Tales of her had traveled all the way to…

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