#8 Game Changer

I decided to reblog this post by LEXA because I just thought that as a Mom, we just don’t want to give up. We want to give the best for our kids and we want to be strong for them.

Please watch… This brought tears to my eyes…







This short animation truly touched my heart tonight and brought a lump to my throat.

It tells the story of a young boy who is stuck inside the house, glued to his computer games. That is until one day his mum buys him a surprise.

I will say no more other than life is so beautiful when you allow yourself to enjoy it and have a like-minded buddy to share it with.

The utterly captivating piece was directed and animated by Jacob Frey. The characters are adorably simple and appealing. And the music is a perfect compliment to the animation.

Originally posted on The Slippery Edge site (where you can also find more information about Jacob Frey):


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14 thoughts on “#8 Game Changer

      1. I have read it before and left a comment. Now you added soundcloud? I know how you sound like my dear, I’ve listened to you sing. 😉 in my dreams…
        Just listened to it. I was in stitches! Too bad you’re not around to pick me up. haha 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha – yes – I would surely pick you up! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Beautiful. There is some of my singing on that Soundcloud link too – then your dreams will become reality!! 😀
        I was thinking of adding recordings to all of my longer posts – what do you think – does it make them easier to read / understand?

        Liked by 1 person

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