#5 How to Change the Way You Talk To Yourself


This is a great post by Danny of Dream Big Dream Often. It’s very inspiring! We really have to be mindful of our thought process. How can we be so kind to others and be so demeaning to ourselves? One of the biggest problems of women is negative self talk. I don’t know when this actually starts because we were not born this way. Maybe it’s from watching too much TV (or reading those photo shopped magazines) where we are bombarded with these fake sense of beauty that we become delusional as we got older…or maybe from watching our moms, sisters, aunts, and other female “role models” around us who say “I’m too fat”, “too skinny”, ” too this”, “too that”. it’s like we’re never just enough. Then we start believing those lies.

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We  should also be mindful of our negative self-talk around our children because they’re always watching and listening and this may be the self-talk that they’ll develop as they get older and we know better. This is quite damaging and I can tell you that it adversely affects a person’s mental health. So please be kind. 🙂




Dream Big, Dream Often

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Have you tried and tried to change the way you speak negatively  to yourself, only to fail and fail again?

Making any change can be hard, but changing this habit after years of reinforcement can be especially difficult.  The way you speak to yourself can affect so many parts of your life and can be the foundation for a good day or a bad day; or a happy life or a sad life.  For this reason I have come up with a quick list on how to change the way you talk to yourself.


…you must become aware of how you speak to yourself.   Sometimes people talk negatively to themselves and don’t realize how negative they really are.  Begin to pay attention to the particulars of your self-speak.  Do you tend to be negative towards yourself?  Do you use foul language?  Do you berate yourself…

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