Starfish Story




This is one of my favorite stories. My mom always said that “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.“(Aesop) so it shouldn’t stop us from trying to help others every chance we get. So I practice RAK — Random Acts of Kindness everywhere I go. I have raised my children doing that as my parents have raised me and my siblings. I also believe that this is a small step towards “world peace”…  it is all connected… we are all connected…






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PS –I just want to dedicate this post to a blogger friend, Imani, who has started a supportive and caring revolution for people who are going through depression & suicidality @ #GO FIX . Please check out her blog, write your own post on it, talk to people you know about it. If everyone initiates  a conversation with one person they know about suicide, think how many conversations would be going on globally.


53 thoughts on “Starfish Story

    1. You’re welcome. This is actually one of my most fave inspiring stories that I love to share. In fact, I have several copies of this in my clip board and whenever I get a chance when I make rounds at the hospital, I would share it with people at work.
      Have you checked out the reason why I blog (About Me)? That’s another thing I read from a leadership book. And I’m just connecting the dots as Steve Jobs once said… I’m here now coz I was lead here by events that transpired in my past. This is my purpose. 🙂

      Namaste! ❤ BP

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    1. Hello my dear friend, Imani. I dedicated it to you coz you just have a very big and generous heart.
      It’s all about support, isn’t it.
      I know working together, we’ll be able to help out and reach more people and hopefully save more lives. Let’s make a difference… just like that little starfish, it’s never futile. 🙂

      ❤ ❤ ❤ BP

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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I was so pleased to see this come up in my WP reader from my bella butterfly! The starfish story is simple and really special. Believe me, I will continue to throw starfish in the sea. In fact, I’m off to the beach today so I can start this morning 🙂 With the world being as it is, RAK become all the more important. Love this blogger-get behind her. Namaste X Imani tm

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    1. Aaaaw! I’m feeling warm and fuzzy.
      love ya to pieces, my friend! Namaste!
      I just want to say, if anyone here has a teen or tween, please give them a hug today and tell them how much you love them and how beautiful they are.
      I have so many in my ER who are so depressed, with low self-esteem, feeling neglected, unloved, alone. My teens tell me their classmates are cutting themselves in the classroom during class under the desk with blades without the teachers knowing. (I found out way too late). I feel overwhelmed, I just keep on thinking of ways on how I can make a difference. So I guess by blogging I can reach more people. Let’s work together. 🙂
      Love and light… ❤ BP

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      1. How sad 😥 I have a ten year old and seven year old. I will do all I can for them, and you are right that a lot can be achieved by blogging 😁💪💪💪👭Xx

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  2. Hi…thank you for visiting and following my blog. Thought I’d drop by here today while I sip on my hot coffee on a rainy afternoon. I really enjoyed this post and now I’m looking forward to more ^_^

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  3. Beautiful story! I hadn’t heard this one before. I am half Greek and grew up in Athens and I remember my Dad reading me a book when I was very young, which had many fables by Aesop..I learnt so much from his stories! ❤ Thank you for this!

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  4. I saw this on amommasview. I work at a place called Starfish Family Services. It is a non-profit organization. The organization was founded upon the idea of the Starfish Story. The starfish story is printed on the back of all of our business cards.

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  5. Wonderful story on kindness and the power behind it. We can all send ripples of peace through our seemingly small acts of kindness. Thanks for sharing and the reminder!

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    1. Thanks for dropping by, the kind words and for the follow. I love your posts. I really liked the one about God and the one about Anita’s story of healing. I just discovered her a few days ago and she’s so inspiring. I followed you back and I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.

      ❤ BP

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  6. Clap-clap-clap!! I am applauding the girl in your story. Just because we cannot save the entire world doesn’t mean we should ignore the opportunities in close proximity to us for doing good deeds!

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