Choose Wisely


Life is too short to be surrounded by negativity and all the words that’s synonymous to that. For several years I was depressed, miserable, whiny and I am so sorry  that my friends had to put up with that $#!t for that long. It wasn’t that bad that I had to be on meds or anything. I was just in a bad place. But those are my real friends and they stuck with me. But they weren’t brutal coz I was too “fragile”. Now looking back, I wish they were. I would’ve snapped out of it sooner, I guess. Or maybe tried to kill myself. j/k  LOL  One of those. I wouldn’t know. Probably not. I’m too chicken. Water under the bridge.

Bottom line, it’s important to be picky about who you surround yourself. You should be around good vibes, where there’s reciprocity of love and light and learning and kindness and generosity… I could go on and on… you get my drift. It’s all about “energy” and synergy. What goes around comes around. Your success is their success and vice versa. Cheers!


Oh, and BTW, I just found this link… I don’t believe in accidents… I’m going to blog about this guy, Scott Dinsmore, (it’s already on draft). He’s the founder of  “Live Your Legend: Change The World By Doing Work You Love” But for now, let’s surround ourselves with “passionate people” for starters — check his link here.

Carpe diem!

LIVE  ❤ LAUGH … Belle Papillon 

5 thoughts on “Choose Wisely

    1. Hi Janice.
      Yes, I automatically follow those who follow me and I check my list every few days just to make sure I didn’t miss anyone. Do you go by another name? I just checked my list and I didn’t find you in my follows or followers. I apologize if you did follow me under a different name and I missed it. Integrity is a very big thing for me. It’s one of my core values.
      I was just checking out your site. You have excellent, very useful tips for new bloggers.
      I just gave you a “follow”.
      More power to you!
      ❤ BP


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