Honor Killing or Killing Honor?

I decided to reblog this post because one of my passions is to see the end of violence against women and I strongly believe that “honor killings” should be a thing of the past. This is inhuman and barbaric.

I believe this woman, Qandeel Baloch (Fauzia Azeem), is a change agent, she is an activist, a heroine in her own right. She would have changed the course of history in Pakistan. Well, I guess, even in death, she already set it in motion. Rest in peace…




There are  hundreds of “honor killings” in Pakistan each year, and the assailants often go free because a legal loop hole in the country allows the authorities not to prosecute a murder case if the victim’s family forgives the killer.



I think every woman, no, human being, should take a stand. This is taking a step towards world peace… it’s all connected.  Be the change you wish to see in the world. 🙂




The Thinkers Paradise

The past two weeks had all the media channels as well as my Facebook newsfeed flood with the latest buzz that created commotion and ruckus amidst public.The incident truly saddened me.

Qandeel Baloch- A social media sensation and a former Pakistani model, was murdered by her very own brother in the name of ‘honor’.

Living in the 21st century, in spite of several economic and social advancements in the country one certainly cannot deny the existence of some invisible barriers such as –‘honor killing’.

How in the name of God does taking a life reflect honor/pride to anyone?

Human lives are treated so callous in this day and age that they don’t even share the value with those of animals.

images (1)  

Who defines my life?- Society or belief systems?

It is more appalling to learn that the victim’s brother in his confession video admits that he feels proud in strangling his sister to death…

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5 thoughts on “Honor Killing or Killing Honor?

  1. It feels so good to see how the country is slowly changing, how our thinking and actions are changing for good. Though it sad to see such brutal crime take place, seeing people both different countries coming out in her support, restores my hope for a brighter future.

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