Did you know how to Live before you Die??


I went to a “Celebration of Life” of a friend at the start of the year. Her daughter read excerpts from her diary. One of the things that struck me was when she wrote “Everybody dies but not everybody lives.” We all know that but we don’t really pay attention. We are so used to multitasking and juggling things everyday… it seems the 24 hours we have is not enough. We don’t have time to nurture our relationships, to give back to community or even for ourselves. Our excuse? We have bills to pay! It goes on and on and on.




While I was listening to the eulogy, I had an epiphany. By the time I left the chapel I made a promise to myself that I’ll make a conscious decision to live a “meaningful life” and make an extra effort to do stuff that scares me… I want to feel my spirit shake. 🙂


Steve Jobs is inspirational, no denying it…  but Bill Gates (and his wife) is someone I’d love to emulate (besides Oprah). They live their life committed to service to humanity. And that’s what living is all about… in my book at least 🙂







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Kind & Bold

Did you know how to live before you die? usually its our grand parents or elders who keeps telling us how to keep your chin up always, how to be good and do good, be strong, be confident, be brave to do right thing and so on. That’s not enough, considering this competitive world let’s hear it from a successful master who lived before he died.

Steve-Jobs-Quotes-for-whatsapp-statusPride, Success, Tough, Witty and many more tag names to this one legend: Steve Jobs.The man who taught me how to be constantly innovative, how to be constantly nagging to bring a best solution, how to be consistently focused to achieve success, how a minute detail makes a huge difference in what you d
o, a man who was chased out from his own company Apple and still his head was held high and he came up with another company Pixar (including NeXt which was then bought…

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10 thoughts on “Did you know how to Live before you Die??

    1. You got that right! 🙂
      Guilty as charged… but when certain things happen, like the death of a loved one..it becomes a wake up call.
      Now, I just make a more conscious effort to be mindful. I feel like I was given a new lease on life without being diagnosed with anything major, unlike some people who need a “death sentence” before they do anything with their lives and start working on their bucket lists.

      Carpe diem!
      Live ❤ Laugh … Belle Papillon


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