Enough Hate!

Another act of terrorism… when is this going to end? I just blogged not even a week ago about these killings on “Where is the Love???“. It is so disheartening.  I cannot believe the evil that lurks within our midst. All these innocent lives… and kids??? WHY???

Yesterday,  July 14, during a Bastille Day firework celebration, a terrorist attack took place in Nice, France. A 31-year-old native of Tunisia,  drove a white 19-ton refrigerator truck  leaving 84 dead including 10 children, and 202 wounded, with more than 50 in critical condition. The truck plowed on through the crowd, and mowed people down. He zigzagged, crushed pedestrians and sent debris flying. At this moment no organized group has been named responsible for the attack, but the investigation still continues.

I was just watching the news and I felt sick in my stomach just thinking how the parents felt holding the lifeless bodies of their children. It is so depressing.  This man was a father, too. Was he so deluded at the “promise of those 72 virgins” at his death? I wonder if it’s really worth it for him. I am a Christian so I am trying to bite my tongue and not wish the worst for him. I am trying to forgive and forget.. fighting the urge to curse him to hell with every cell in my body because I know that my God is just.



Is this the kind of world we would like to raise our children and grandchildren? We would like to save our earth but what for if people will keep on killing each other. Nobody will be left in the end. What is the point?

This can’t be farther from the truth…  World Peace begins with you and I…  just like Gandhi says, let us be the change we wish to see in the world. Let us start now…






3 thoughts on “Enough Hate!

  1. Reblogged this on myldrwithafrenchman and commented:
    I have no words to describe how I feel about this senseless killings of innocent people especially the children. This person is so evil… so deranged. But I pray for his soul and for the souls of those who are still planning to spread evil in this world.

    I pray for the souls of the victims of this crime… I’m sure they are in Heaven now… I pray for those they have left behind who are in pain and grieving their loss. May you all find comfort in God’s promise of eternal life and know that your loved ones are with Him in paradise.

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