Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Life

September  27, 2015 — Paris, France …  I didn’t know it then but it was a start of something extraordinary. I loved to travel, I knew it since I was a young girl. My dad was a pilot (aviator)  and I was surrounded by a family of pilots and flight attendants and relatives who worked in the aviation industry on one side and of doctors and nurses on the other. I worked for a major international airline for 5 years right after I earned my degree and I don’t know why I never took advantage of traveling then. I was invited by so many friends  I made from other countries (most of them passengers/ frequents fliers)  through years of working there and one thing I realized was that though I wanted to be a flight attendant, I didn’t do it because I was too afraid to fly. (For real! LOL )  So that explains it! I have never taken a flight where my dad was not the Captain until I was in my 20’s.  Just before I moved to the U.S.,  I took a trip to some Asian countries but that was about it. Then I got married, had kids, life happened and I got trapped in this web of wife/motherhood/career woman and couldn’t get out of it until last summer.

I guess I was bad at work-life balance. I just couldn’t do it. … my kids were more important… my husband… my family… my work… then I was a single mom for a long time and I had priorities. Everything else took precedence over me.  I had placed myself last and I lost myself without even noticing. I  sort of disappeared in the background. Then I came back from Paris and all of a sudden I felt like I got a dose of thousands of  volts of electric shock that revived me. I felt ALIVE again!!! I looked for my “101 Bucket List” and started working on it… crossing them off one by one. I even added stuff that I used to be too scared to do.

What happened last summer was a miracle of sorts. I cannot begin to explain. I came back to the States with a different mindset. Everyone noticed. Did I mention that I lost 25 lbs in one month? I have been struggling with my weight, self-confidence and (positive) self-image the last several years. Now people were asking me what my “secret” was… I have none. People have been saying, “Something must have happened in Paris! Whatever it is, keep it up!”.  When I realized that I lost so much weight without even trying I had to see my doctor just to make sure nothing was wrong  because as much as I was enjoying it I didn’t want to be shocked to find out that I’m sick with something like cancer or thyroid problems  (it runs in the family) or anything that could explain my sudden weight loss. Thank God my Doc gave me a clean bill of health and  my labs turned out to be a lot better.  I’m now down to 40+ lbs and counting… I’m more focused on my health and not obsessing on getting “skinny”. I’m reinventing myself and just working on being the best version of myself.  I am finding it more important to let go of things that no longer serve me as I get older. I plan to  embark on a journey to fill my life with things that I truly enjoy which will ultimately help  shape who I am and just focus on choosing to do the things that bring joy and meaning to my life.

I believe this quote is originally Dr. Wayne Dyer’s but I could be wrong.

Fast forward 9 months… I’m enjoying this feeling. I’m walking on sunshine, the sky is bright, I feel high and happy and grateful and healthy. I thank God so much for turning my life around. I’m ALIVE!. My kids are healthy. I’m surrounded by supportive family and friends and I have a plan. The future is getting better and brighter and promising.  Thank you God! Thank you Universe! Thank you my alter ego…  LOL  (Live Out Loud!) 😉

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Carpe diem!



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42 thoughts on “Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Life

  1. Wow.. fantastic read. I feel proud of you. Wishing for a beautiful and lovely journey. I read your about me page and I loved the line ‘service is the rent you pay for room on this earth’, so very true! I also loved the motive of your blog. I am glad you stopped by my blog. Nice to meet you and Looking forward to visit your blog often. 🙂

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  2. Nice to meet you too! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.
    I first heard of that quote from my mother because she raised us with the belief that altruism is life’s purpose. She always reminded us to see Christ in every human being especially those who are in need and never judge… take every chance to lend a helping hand because HE may not cross your path again and you just missed your chance. (I actually wrote about this in one of my blog drafts.)

    I’d love to hear your feedback from time to time. I will be watching for your next blog posts, too!
    Stay in touch. Cya around… 🙂

    Live ❤ Laugh … Belle Papillon

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  3. I loved reading it!
    I always enjoy reading about people’s experiences. Thank you for checking out my first post.
    Looking forward to visit your blog often…
    If you liked my writing, then we may follow each other!

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    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your ‘follow’.
      Wishing you well, and I’ll be following, too! Looking forward to your future blog posts.
      I’ll post my bucket list sometime in the future.

      Carpe diem!


    1. Thanks. It was gathering dust for a while. Now, I’m actually “L.O.L.” as I suggest everyone should. I’m so grateful for that trip. I thank God for whatever caused that mindshift… I haven’t felt so alive. 🙂

      Carpe diem!

      ❤ BP

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  4. It’s so lovely to know that your magic moment happened and now life is so much better! Live Out Loud like you said…have a wonderful life, you! I’m sure you have been looking forward to it!!! And I am so happy to be a part of your journey through this space. Cheers to friends, cheers to Paris and cheers to Life!!!

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  5. awww… your article makes me think about myself so badly..I feel so connected to you! I want to change the way of my life as well. Love how you did what you had to do and now you have taken the chance to begin again.. I hope that your time be filled with laughter, love, bravado and fun. All the best dear Belle 🙂
    Have a wonderful day…
    Take care.

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    1. Oh thank you kindly. That means so much. 🙂
      I hope to inspire people to take advantage of every moment. My life was at a stand still for a long time then, BOOM! I still can’t explain what had happened but I am so grateful to God and I wish the same for everyone… to find “LIFE”… to “Live” rather than just exist… sooner than later. Have a fab week!

      Carpe diem!
      ❤ BP

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  6. now this is just wonderful, amazing state of feeling, mindset to be in….. Here and now, in the present, just today and things around inside and outside look more shining and bright. Mind is such a powerful instrument which can convert darkness into brightness in a moment even before we realize and you been positive and not worried about tomorrow are friends with the mind. Beyond imagination what happened if I try and see from outer eyes but as I see from inside I understand a bit…. Be blessed, keep smiling, keep going, keep writing and your words will be miracle for so many other Souls.
    You are a blessing in disguise for the lost and I too have learnt a lesson from You, thank you as my Soul is so happy to have met the beautiful Soul you carry.

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    1. Thanks. I’m so happy for me, too.
      Its true, there’ something about that place, some think it’s overrated but I fell in love with it.
      I plan to go back there every couple of years. I’m going with my daughter next summer.
      I’m posting something about my Paris trip in the next few weeks. Hope you get to read it.


      1. And I’m looking forward to reading your magical experience, too.
        I can’t wait til your countdown says “1 Saturday til Paris”… then we’ll all be on the edge of our seats. 🙂


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